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Don't just like your bag, love it!

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About Jynell Designs

JynellJynell Kristal and her one of a kind watercolor originals has turned everyday glassware into fun and memorable pieces of art. Pint, rock, shot, wine and champagne glasses and mugs are now conversation pieces at restaurants, parties and weddings.

Jynell Kristal was born in Michigan and grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan. From early on in life her love of the water and everything that surrounds it was apparent. While working in Bermuda in the early 90's, Jynell, inspired by the beautiful ocean scenery, created her unique watercolor originals and started hand making greeting cards. Following her passion for water and family, Jynell eventually moved to Martha's Vineyard in 1998 and expanded her designs to include a Florida, a seaside, and an infant and children's line. In 2004, Jynell enhanced her greeting card line to include glassware and ceramics. She then became the official merchandising designer for Jawsfest05, which was an event that celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the filming of the movie Jaws on Martha's Vineyard. Next she added T-shirts to her repetoire, using the finest quality and hand selected colors that complement the designs.

Jynell lives on Martha's Vineyard with her husband Jeff and their two children Evan and Emma. Together they own and operate the Crocker House Inn in Vineyard Haven and all share Jynell's similar passion of the water and everything that surrounds it.